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Qusay Tariq successful artist undisputed

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Qusay Tariq


Qusay Tariq or Qusay Taraq is an artist, writer and activist in the field of human rights (women) and (the rights of the artist),Born in Iraq, was born on September 2 during the war., the father and mother Iraqis grew up in his childhood in Baghdad (Ahalchia), goodness gracious grandmother and grandfather lived among uncles to his mother, because his parents were busy at work, his father, an engineer who works contractor homes,His mother, a teacher in Mustansiriya University Learning English, and taught at a private


Digital art


As Qusay Tariq presented a set of realistic works of art made prior to installation of the assets, chooses forms of celebrities or famous things and see his actions fall within the new realism as in the forms listed below. Adding to the addition of artwork form striker narcissism idea presented by Sigmund Freud intended to show the form in which the artists exclusion of its forms, especially after what was sentenced of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in many of the artists of the Renaissance, and that they are homosexual Narcisé


Video art


Qusay Tariq rebellious by nature, and he wanted to introduce the art of supported language mass media at the same time working to reconcile with the very modern phenomenon is that the general public were confused by the terms of the original art and commercial art on the other hand, because of the invasion of mass media. Then he wanted to produce art met for reproduction widely popular without losing its value thoroughbreds, unlike paintings classic non- replicable and global spread of ways in his art what is spiritual continuously in the field of the relationship between the appointed artist and inside what he sees as the artist in the outer world of phenomena and How to respond to the artist that is unique and modern. The idea is derived from the patterning Eastern mixer selection of modern technology and ancient Sufism thought to conduct business create the illusion Surreal full of bodies and body lines and grooves forming the shape of his formative artistic quest is to find a balance between full internal and external.


The first digital art gallery in Iraq


Strange that the artist Qusai Tariq introduced the show on one of the pages of Facebook for the art, the number of works of art 53 work of digital art compound has been the faces of the girls by the artist Latifa that Qusay loved too, has been taking the bodies of the pictures of the different plates for the fashion house to Wuxi U.S. and Designed by Lazaro, and the show was one of the shows of Baghdad, the capital of culture, which he called Qusay Tariq: Virgin spring, was held on the fifth of October, which marks the Islamic New Year, a total of debentures of global companies.


The address for this kind of art is the uniqueness and the addition of the open door of the artist and the Iraqi Arab artists were interested in computers in the U.S. and Europe, it is enough to provide a computer for printing signs get art as do the typewriter, Philosophy for viewing art: the bodies of foreign and shape east of the artist Latifa, comes in a great combination inconsistent but what is meant by the artist and by the meaning of the name of the show virgin spring, the exhibition does not explore the new technology only and forms a beautiful but is talking about the philosophy of belonging to the artist, spring meant the Arab Spring who came to the region is Kan media and modern means of communication, Facebook and straining Guenoah Jazeera and Al Arabiya and other channels foreign which are in fact made of Western civilization but revolutions accompanied the face of the Arab Union of Democratic Party of the U.S. and the EU and the young Rebel in the Middle East, the fact that new virgin and Hey Arab face foreign body, so that we get to today's global system of globalization has made any meeting of civilizations get rid of impurities civilization dictatorship, today we live in an age virgin new spring mixes the power of the East and the West to world peace.


Sophia style of the artist


The style of the doctrines of postmodern artist Qusai Tariq created in 2003, based on the collection of the highest degree of pleasure to the recipient, in response to abstraction, which has increased in stripped form to the extent that it has its beauty, the artist said Qusay Tariq abstract start work in the seventies have traditionally pursuant after this long time that disease with Kandinsky and Mondrian in 1910.


This is accompanied by the artist's works of art, interruptions during the mystic create artwork, it feels really mind moving to another world absorbs movements shapes of inspiring art and in the style of Sofia possible to put the painting in the museum as possible and put it in the guest lounge in your home, since there is no problem with them, he says, these paintings resemble beautiful princesses investigating Highness, nobility and beauty at the same time, and the style of Sofia based on pre-existing forms of assembly of ancient sources, such as television and film.


The fashion magazines and works of art from the Renaissance and modernity and commercials, and colors of oriental art Iranian and Chinese and Indian or plates Rodin and other colorists Aruba, until he reached the derivation chromatography to animated films for children, and commercials modern ... and re- integration of everyone in the post- modern creates artist aRTWORK new, does not belong to all taken from him, for I have root in every action and every color, within a certain style, disease style with the artist almost 15 years ago has been developed by the artist under the hand of a group of scholars of art at the Academy of Fine Arts . everything you see in (the style of Sofia) artwork is Sufism convulsions between two lovers.


Goddess of postmodernism


Goddess of postmodernism was monitored artist Qusai Tariq Through repetition forms, display and taken them theme ( for fetish new ) in the philosophy of postmodernism which is grappling with it in the world of cybernetic post- modernity critic of such a large repeat in this amount of images in modern media, has hired artist lines and strokes his brush across that side cynical cash is clear where he sees that such figures may be turned by the verb repetition appalling to ( gods ) and idols new and cross their uses in art advertisement bright causing it to lose its content to an intellectual, and I went towards ( the Fetishism of crude ), and this has won artist Qusay Tariq wonders intellectuals and critics (receiver elitist ) it raises the vision of a closer and critic at the same time it raises the absorption of today's global television and used by others without thinking


The book art


Tariq gave Qusay first exhibition of art book in Iraq, penetrating to the laws of the Iraqi art, which caused a sensation in the art building of the Ministry of Culture and lost radio stations and television channels broadcast the news over the week ... Qusay says : After the 2003 war, it seemed the art of the book industry it works based on the structure of blogging across transcription mechanism underlying the visual form of the book,


For the artist Qusai Tariq, was keeping a pattern of art and was an answer is not sufficient in absolute terms, dailies, or diary confirms accumulation of the story of visual, despite the fact that its structure were not different from traditional books, which are characterized by easily transport and pregnancy, which suit the conditions of artists in today's Iraq, it's an expression of the reality of today's situation where the Iraqi artists today do not have places wide achievement does not work huge sizes were huge and heavy weights of the books refers to volatile conditions and a variety of books formed the accumulation patterns . Accomplished books, and worked by hand, and is getting recognition in a place of honor in Iraqi art, because of the link to the teachings of the Holy Books . Layouts occupies a distinctive place in the books of modern art, because it stores the artist 's ideas most direct and privacy . The models presented in ( books ) strongly reflect these traditions . Was far to the style of contemporary artists' books, where he developed the book as an art . Thus embodied experience ( books ) several levels of : tradition, experience, and belief, and thought. Was representing high levels of the craft, and Qusay holds data about contemporary political and cultural identity of the nation and actuation privacy meaning that your audience in Ciecarkha unknown . They have created a pattern of subjects participating in dialogues contemporary aesthetic.


Love relationships


Qusay famous his relations with women, women's politics and women's art, and women wealthy from different communities, but Qusay was not associated with the marriage official start, earned the artist Qusai Tariq title Nerses and Don Juan at the same time, but do not see it, but, along with his lover new. Between journalists said: relationships for women, and always denies the artist Qusai relationship


Global figures


Always puts Qusay Tariq faces international figures in his art, he says, it is part of his environment, which is part of the assets. And Madonna or George Bush or Obama or Amy Aainehaws or Michael Jackson, all of which today is part of our environment, contemporary, and must be the artist that reflects this environment, media, but today they are like the old gods are exposed to accidents, some of the bad guys and each one of them has a theme, and the mystery is on the life and death of some of them.


Mr. Qusay Tariq expressed deep gratitude for the ((un)) support him on this reception. And published on the site of((un)) this writing Qusay is a painter, a writer and an Iraqi refugee. He is the first artist to ever hold a digital art exhibition in Baghdad and the writer of 20 books on arts, politics, Human Rights and literature. “Painting is my life” says Qusay. “I started drawing and painting since I was a child. The College of Arts in Iraq helped me later to become a professional painter”. Qusay introduced the “Sofia” painting style, a postmodernism type of arts that combines past styles and themes in a modern-day context. ‘My main source of inspiration”, adds Qusay, “are women challenging local traditions and social boundaries”. On the International Day of Non-Violence, Qusay offered UNHCR Lebanon eight of his artistic paintings that show women's sufferings from war and violence and call for peace and freedom. Qusay is planning an exhibition in Lebanon soon to shed the light on the challenges facing refugees and their daily struggle to survive difficult living





Iraqi artist Qusay Tariq














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