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History of modern art : by Qusay Tariq

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History of modern art




Qusay Tariq 



Is an art that flourished in the late nineteenth century, and the effect lasted until the outbreak of the First World War, and shortly afterwards .The First World War ruled ugliness on this elegant art slave.

This is the school last technical schools great that swept Europe, dominated the unchallenged before multiple schools and technical teams after World War I the emergence of realities, schools modernity different, Surrealism and Cubism, etc., cannot deny the important role of politics and ideology in changing artistic flair to Europe afterthe first war, we recall in particular the impact of the October Revolution in Czarist Russia, and the emergence of the Soviet Union, and the intensification of the conflict between laborers and capitalists, and the outbreak of socialist revolutions in Germany and Hungary in 1918 and 1919, and reflected in these phenomena and events from the tendency to organize art within the template.






It was France and Belgium, two original home of this art's role in the deployment of modern art, there have produced masterpieces in architecture, furniture design, with modern art income homes of rich and poor alike. Valstaúr, pillows, pots and even book covers followed the prevailing style, grab Austria - Hungary this art to elevate him to the far horizons. Although the control of modern art on a lot of industrial arts architecture and decoration, printing, furniture and so on, the impact on the visual arts and music was weak, however, we discover in the music of the French Debussy (Debussy 1862-1918), Ravel (Ravel 1875-1938) a lot of art Nouveau colors and lines and elegance and spiritual, and it remains the Austrian artist Gustav   (Kliemt 1867-1918) the greatest representatives of the modern art and the most famous .Also been associated with the great French artist Toulouse-Lautrec this art in the famous posters that promoted the pubs and bars of Paris, such as the Moulin Rouge.

Can be classified as modern art as a branch of the school Impressionism, as we see it is also extremely important for the colors, cannot  be separated emergence of this art for social and economic development and scientific and its relevance to Europe at the time, industry has already established and developed thanks to two factors: the progress of technology, lootingcolonial continuous and intensive wealth of the colonies. At that time, the fruit of prosperity began in Europe ripen after that recounted the sweat of the peoples of the colonies and the armies of workers and their tears and blood, who were living in miserable living conditions. I took great scientific discoveries in chemistry and physics, following in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, some of which was directly related to the arts photography innovation. And do not forget that the zeitgeist that prevailed at the birth of the twentieth century was derived from science, industry and the intensification of social mobility, which features art trends identified more than ever.

Feminine curves




Featuring modern art freely lines and feminine

curvature and Bhsatha, and a lot of use of shades of red, and a special focus on gold and blue in the drawing. The artists used forms of plant flowers, leaves and birds in the decoration, and arrived Modern Art uncharted dimensions in architecture, such as the use of low-lying arches, and the rejection of angles replaced by small arches and soft bends and angles obtuse. Use stylists Architects title oval-shaped buildings were not used in the previous technical Ages, and was sometimes break the vertical symmetry in construction by changing the shape of the windows in successive floors, and was Architects decorate the facades of buildings with paintings of colorful mosaic art as well as ceramics. And the impact of enthusiasm that swept the West towards the East and the arts etiquette and civilizations, use of modern art a lot of technical vocabulary East, and treatment of oriental themes.






And rich in Budapest buildings of modern art, and that of the Renaissance Urban enormous witnessed by the country after the political reconciliation that took place between the aristocratic Hungarian referee Austrian in 1867, which led to the verdict Duo (Austrian - Hungarian), came accord after two decades of the failure of the revolution liberal Hungarian against the ruleAl Habsburg conducted in the years 1848-1849. Also coincided with the celebration of great millennium anniversary of the arrival of the Hungarian tribes into the Carpathian Basin in the middle of the last decade of the nineteenth century with the arrival of Modern Art Summit. Hungarians and the glory of this anniversary, a large building program, has exceeded all of the above and the subsequent occasion.

Distinct buildings


Among these buildings is the Museum of Industrial Arts building itself is one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau in Budapest, launched by the Emperor of Austria - Hungary Franz Josef II in October of 1896.

Designed building Ad Nelchenr, and carried out a large number of designs months Hungarians artists, and the interface is characterized by the building and brick dome coated glass materials (ceramic, or what is known as our tiles). The museum building damaged deliberately at the end of the twenties, when it was destroyed a number of mural paintings inside the museum, as severely destroyed the entrance during the Second World War, has not been re beautiful original engravings fully. Among other Budapest months architectures built according to the style of modern art, bath Sachwi hot mineral water in the People's Park near Heroes Square, the Hotel Gellert and metal pigeons in Buda, which overlooks the Danube River  .The main market building in Budapest is one of the most important stations visited by foreign tourists, and is characterized by brick colored brick-like roof of the Museum of Industrial Arts Building.The Parisian building located in the city center when yard Frenseskn , the near Bridge Erjept (Elizabeth), among the most beautiful buildings of Budapest, and is characterized by the use of

Ceramic and stained glass, and an internal corridor roof made ​​of wood and stained glass, constructed this building in 1909. Perhaps the Western Train Station building is months of public buildings in Budapest, has been designed by the famous French architect Eiffel, who designed the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Eiffel and used in the construction of the plant large quantities of steel structures, there are lavish decoration made ​​of wrought iron and cast.

The building Municipality Ki_kamit City Kecskemét, about 85 kilometers southeast of Budapest are also among the masterpieces of this model.





And rich land which was a subsidiary Empire (Austrian - Hungarian) examples of the value of works of art produced by this art, some in the exhibition, which included furniture and household items, such as light bulbs and ornaments, curtains and stained-glass windows. This exhibition comes in Budapest serves as a reminder that produced aesthetics of this art in Europe after a century full of arriving at the summit.






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