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خيبة أمل ، عندما يكتشف الإنسان أنه في محيط تحت خط الصفر ، لا يستطيع الغوص أو السباحة فيه...   (بلقسام حمدان العربي الإدريسي) . فلا تكتُمُنَّ اللهَ ما في نُفوسكم ليَخفَى ومهما يُكتَمِ اللهُ يَعلَمِ يُؤخَّرْ فيُوضَعْ في كتابٍ فيدَّخَرْ ليوم الحسابِ أو يُعَجَّلْ فيُنقَمِ (زهير بن أبي سلمى   (طيف امرأه) . 

Engineering in Modern Art / Qusay Tariq

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This industry is called in Greek: Jomatria, a space industry. The Engineering, a Persian word expressing, in the Persian: Andazh, any amounts. Hebron said: Engineer: estimated streams Algueny and their positions as dying, a derived from Hindzh, a Persian, Vsert Zai Sina to express, because it is not yet signifier G in the language of the ArabsThe ceramic pots Greek, it has been characterized forms art that included animal models and human later became the geometric lacks the decorative, but it is organized under the kind of relationships engineering, the shape of their point of view was a particular order for certain parts, as in (Figure).





When the advent of Christianity (changed outlook to the issue of shape and there is a need to search for forms of general of the universe purest and noblest, man and mis from the standpoint of Christianity so sought bids religious to satisfy the spiritual needs that had decorations engineering role fulcrum where).


As in Islamic art has mingled religious and expressive, especially in the attitude of Islam from placed simulation and modeling, as resorted to abstraction using geometric shapes (k triangle, square and pentagon) then forms abstract gathered on the ground of forms, and we can find support for this view in saying philosopher (Ibn Sina): (that figure is the essence of his image is synonymous with what is stated in the download for the visible and the invisible, was the subcontractor is apparent substance and is pictured).  


RPR Renaissance European revolution on traditional concepts including constants church in the perception of visible and subcontractors and including Yun form of dependency Vision Church was achieved

RPR Renaissance European revolution on traditional concepts including constants church in the perception of visible and subcontractors and including Yun form of dependency Vision Church was achieved by reference to the sources of Greek culture in the link between mathematics and beauty, which is evident in the link architectural form renaissance heritage classic Alwithagorsa outlook sports Platonismarchitectural and became the artist attaches great importance to the geometric proportions between the different parts of the building (Beauty Hually extent claimed Roman architect Fterovios harmony correct percentages and this opinion rebounding directly to Vwithagors sources which this reveals another way by which to show that the foundations of the theory of ideals Platonism). Featured in the Renaissance flags senior, likes: (Da Vinci, Bacon, Galileo) who sought to direct thought about human and physical world with all its changes and movements and colleges became meaningless figure is (order parts in a vacuum to form one thing is true).



In the fifteenth century (and hired rules perspective in drawing and the subsequent emergence of architectural forms engineering with its details in paintings, as established system (iconic) for the manufacture of painting on the basis of science perspective appeared paintings and architectural, which documented the engineering villages and towns, streets and back rights which sizes and ratiosperspective has become the foundation which was followed by the art)   and down to the Impressionist while the artist was clearly evident practice the principles of shorthand and modification in the drawing and the use of color as well as the perspective of linear plastic peppered done a new aesthetic dimension.




Accompanied by the evolution of human knowledge and the development of interesting science study of atoms and molecules, orbs, mathematics, physics, relationships and systems for various objects, and was introduced (Goethe) * The term morphology (comparative anatomy) in his works on plant and bones, has pointed out (that term does not depend on the studyshapes in nature, but in art forms) () which contributed to divert the attention of the artist towards abstract form.


He accompanied the emergence of Impressionism significant shift in the installation features engineering start of understanding the physical relationships of light and shadow and the evolution of the concept of what is known as perspective chromatography in suit the new order to be by traditional perspective (linear) and this Impressionist continued to produce painting concept traditional documenting the perceived alongside vision (Self ) of the artist as in panel (Monet) impression sunrise.




While we note that this cover-up turns into the open when monitor geometric abstraction in the experiment (Piet Mondrian) that draws the tree realistically then begins the process of development through (delete everything that is an emergency and unessential and focuses on what he sees in the tree, and becomes a tree is a geometric) () as he went to the farthest and not to bring presence to form closer to the engineering and referral (Mondrian) to pure geometric shape, that perception of shape when (Mondrian) develops and ergonomically superior to visualize (Cezanne) form






Initiated (Casimir Malvić 1871-1935) in his works to modify assets to geometric and illustrated this approach as in (Figure 14) and note where the movement and vitality in parts of irregular shape, and in turn care (Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1948) interpretation of the movement on the basis of expressive as perpendicular directions verticalthe horizontal and intersect elements in both directions, while touches element triangle with a circle to result Tlameshma sound dramatic than its meaning abstract mathematical symbols and references that reflect your world the artist's attempt artist (Kandinsky) (seeking to create mysticism internal through the form of abstract through the feed material sensorya kind of realism closer to the ideal or image Platonic example, and also emphasizes the internal emotion in order to find a kind of beauty standard self-passive




Since the beginning of the twentieth century and continued artists search to find synonyms geometric forms and was one of the most important things for them (beauty abstract was achieved that this art that owes its evolution a lot of (Piet Mondrian and who became understood objectively experience and his late abroad abstract Pure) ()so Vatjahat abstract Engineering at the Engineering which include vertical and horizontal lines and geometric shapes varied according to the offers mentioned (Cezanne) before, have gone above and beyond when taken from the geometric shape icon material representation in the visual done.






Lama (Cubism) it thought and clear as the result of many experiences and within a period of time prove that the geometry in modern painting volatility between schools alternately overtaking Valtkaaabah roots intellectual belonging to the visions of Platonism and notions of beauty ideal as stated in Conversation (Philip) that did not mean b]natural beauty of shapes and neighborhoods, but lines and curves and surfaces and three-dimensional shapes made ​​Palmsatr and angles they are beautiful and absolute




 The artist cube used geometric shapes mainly for the construction of the technical work and in spite of the words (Picasso): (when Abdana this art we did not think cube or dicing, but we were trying to express ourselves) .. While sees (BRAC) that (so-called Baltkaaabah is for I correct and art to suit my desires), Lama (Ferdinand leger), which marked his works (structural rather than a cubist or abstract geometrical in his works and structural Bmodoath was very clear.


Art is start his career with some works of art and then changed course with Ngernhj and experience of the artist who aspires to tend towards switching to other works of art has a special creative different, has confirmed (Leger): (I do not have imagination all shapes humanity that have been reduced to objects mechanism) () is necessarily geometric features like all done Cubism is cubism stages multi instrumental in completing endeavor geometric modern art so that the reference intellectual sports for this school and the evolution of vision Cubism between analysis and synthesis and combine them led to examine the shape engineered drawings and received which bases to base solid to accept as a given geometry aesthetic, particularly the adoption of Cubism (Thread) icon sense than filling the vacuum created by the movement of abstraction that accompanied the emergence of Cubism, especially with the display of the first abstract works engineering since 1912. We find that a lot of schools that have not characterized Balengah both in terms of title or done technical relied on geometric shape, its parts and Bnaúath wholly or partly as in Dada or future or surrealism and benefit from the theoretical basis adopted by these schools that allowed hiring what the artist wants forms to provide technical done.
After World War II emerged abstract expressionism tutor influential and dominate the currents that emerged after the war, especially reorientation Engineering at (Modhiral) in and Franzklein and crystallized this trend in two directions (Solid Edge) in the works (Newman) and (edge ​​fragmentation) in the works (Rothko) The crystallization use more geometric abstractions when only artist  geometric shape towards space or the horizon and hard edges or fragmented


       The engineering schools with titles such as direct (Op.art), we find that the artist attaches problems interaction chromatography attention his artwork is composed of simple geometric forms are usually divided into small areas and select the contrast of light and darkness (value) () and the nature of visual done for (Op.art) necessitates the adoption of single-engineering Bhafeadtha sharp and solid or camouflaged or Alchz (which emerged by two presidents in abstract expressionism (engineering), a topic that led to the amendment of this geometry Panel (Form) turned to designated rectangle very long horizontally and vertically as well ascomposite of more than a geometric shape.
industrial) of the artist (Warhol) as well as the use of geometric shape in the artist's paintings (Rohenberg) who used the forms of relations and engineering theories)




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