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اسقيني كاس من رحيق ذكرى وجودك ... لا تتركيه يجف ،كلما جف الكأس ازداد الحنينُ...و لا يطفي شعلة الفؤاد سوى كأس الحنين...   (بلقسام حمدان العربي الإدريسي) . 

Sexual relations in the ancient civilizations of Babylon / Qusay Tariq

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((Was prostitution Holy widespread in the entire area of ​​the High Commissioner, were prostitutes living in campus temples .. there prostitutes was necessary to complete the sacred rites symbol of the Union of God rest gods, and this union was necessary in the eyes of the ancients is a must for the renewal of human life, animal and plant, was marriage rituals sacred place in the New Year and are practicing sex high priest with High Priestess and two usually the king and queen, and this was intercourse going on in the private room of rooms temple .. were prostitutes Temple Ishtar in Babylon comprise organized groups on the priestess and the rights at the level of individual property wider than the rights of married women .. The free legislation Hammurabi, harlot of legal restrictions on money family .. He was on every woman in Babylon, rich or poor have sex with a strange man once in the temple of Ishtar, and to the gods of dirhams obtained them to meet doing so sacred duty, and was a




bowl structure crowded women, waiting to allow them to do so, and some of them had lasting await for years .. The women were in the temples Phoenician file a prostitution for a fee paid by men service of religion and asked satisfaction gods .. The law was when Amorites spend on women to exercise sexual act for seven days with strangers at the gate of the temple .. people shave their hair in the city of Byblos ** later wailing Adonis ***, and the women of the people of the city who do not exercise on this occasion for sacrifice Hair or lying with strangers and make money to meet the exercise of this work ..))


Is the goddess of sex and love, beauty and war when the Babylonians, and offset by the Sumerians Inana, Aharot when the Phoenicians, and Aphrodite in Greece, Venus when the Romans. It is the morning star and evening together symbol star with eight rays upright on the back of a lion, flower on her forehead, and her hand bouquet blossom. And is the goddess of the morning and evening in the old state and symbolized in some of the inscriptions in the temple or to Ollo symbol of friendship.



Ishtar) a buxom young woman, and beautiful texture, and my cheeks full of vitality, and bright eyes available, along with breathtaking beauty, HH spirit, with subtle print, and flexural strength, and compassion to the elderly, children and women .In her mouth lies the secret of life, and compassion pervaded the fragrance and scents. Completed by attending pleasure, commonly with her ​​smile security and tranquility in the soul. Often seen patrolling the fields swiftly and lightly, erupting behind water springs and tender, and blooming ground Pal Sanabel and thrive.



Occurred in love poets, immortalized loveliest weights and sweeter rhymes. The important love writers, Hboha beautiful epic texts. Passion artists, painted on the cylindrical seals and made ​​her the finest statues that barely pronounce life. And fondness musicians tune melody dance on the strings of the oud and flute nozzle. (Ishtar) and sex goddess of fertility and love to people in ancient Mesopotamia. First appeared in Sumeria in southern Iraq, more than six thousand years, either Bash_khasha Decree on cylindrical seals and some sculptures, and either the symbol, which indicates in cuneiform and eight Hoalndjemh which refers to Venus, the brightest planets

Gender Basic Instinct of instincts rights indispensable and thanks reproduce humans, and they shall be communities and nations, completed this process there parties, male and female, and each one of the parties is half the required operation, so said the book and thinkers and scientists: «The Women are half of society, and without women and get practical Nationality there is no society, thanks to the women continue breeding humans and human remains descendants.

A three Muharram which is religion, sex, politics, and expand on the subject of sex through the ages, it handled a look human race throughout history, ancient civilizations, Babylon and Assyria and Sumer civilization of ancient Egypt and the Chinese.

  The relationship between men and women throughout history took two tracks: first Old: Alt which sometimes prevail for men and another for women, although the time period longer for the benefit of man, where women were considered unclean creature is not entitled to enter temples or abuse of the profession of priests unlike men.

And some beliefs that boys are boys from the results of right testicle, and girls from the results left testicle, and the latter in their belief smaller and weaker than the right. The woman was when Jews are unclean where men retire his wife if she gave birth to a male / 45 / days, and if she gave birth Female / 75 / days, because the female unclean more than the male...

Gender history:

I realized ancient peoples that sexual intercourse is not limited in its results only on the mere reproduction, which is a miracle in itself, but it is also a great source of pleasure, and in return was impotence source of frustration, deficits and sexual frigidity was for them and their presence before the twentieth century.

It must have been there to suffer premature ejaculation male or was unable to reach the pleasure of women, and even experienced in the art of sex they can also learn more, and there is one on the officials marriages that do is teach couples how to intercourse optimally, and even after he learns these basic methods it generates have an interest in becoming more adept, and we have large numbers of drawings, paintings and sculptures from the past serves this purpose, and since that invented writing there were also large numbers of manuscripts aimed at their meanings to teach the art of lovemaking.

These ancient manuscripts, whether Greek or Indian, or Chinese, or from any other source, it refers to a lot of experimentation in the field of sex work, however, and despite Atianha a description of the boot to work and sexual positions and information other sexual but they refer to the inability to understand what is happening actually during this work.

The reproduction through sex when the animals a more macroscopic sources of information Western (and also with other cultures). It must not be far-fetched, so that sex between animals corresponded visible clearly, on the other hand, has ignored Western culture is sexual activity in the plant world, and maybe it was because of the lack of clarity, and in all cases the flowering plants are in Western culture a symbol of chastity, and mating animals was considered Hbaka, so that there is a difference religiously like CATHARS who have been deprived of their followers eat any food source of sexual intercourse, and allowed them to eat fruits and vegetables as well as fish, because they believe that this material did not result from sexual intercourse.



It was Aristotle more book influential in Western culture to eat Multi sexual activity among animals which the Greek philosopher who lived in the fourth century BC and can be seen as what has been written in this subject such as history of animals, and sections of the animals and breeding animals basis not only for zoology West but also for Sexology When the West, and its effect was so severe was the manuscript written by sexual Commonly used widely from the seventeenth century through the eighteenth century the name of Aristotle's masterpiece. Have classified Aristotle animals three sets the first ones that give birth means nationality, and secondly give birth means non-sexual and the third, which give birth to automatically and these groups recent include a number of animals lower-ranking Kalpragat, mosquitoes and flies, this also finds come from the decay of living matter or Tgifaa and tried in the science of shellfish marine and cancer Sea to distinguish between those that reproduce by buds and those that self-reproducing and sees that hermit crabs grow automatically from soil and sludge and then take of dead snails housing has increased its growth alter his home to the largest sites. The best documented examples of breeding self is the thickness Alhnklys and his proof on this suggests that Alhnklys not equipped Bhjerat sperm or ovaries even in the case of an autopsy no channels of semen or ovaries and more evidence indicates that Alhnklys appears after rain and also when dry ponds of water and soil erosion on the other hand there is no Hnklys in stagnant water and even if it times of drought, and this is what makes it concludes that Alhnklys comes from the bowels of the earth and grows automatically in the mud and getting ready Uhde of rain water. I have met with human difficulty in recognizing the importance of procreation through sex in shapes minimum of life, the effort in the conditions met by a lot of obstacles in trying to explain how an concepts in the vicinity of its kind and lineage, and only some researchers that the old man was believed that the male did not have role in pregnancy, but is the ancestral spirits that by the methods of magic seed organisms find their way into the mother's body.




And baptized some theorists in the nineteenth century to the classification stages of evolution social evolution of man's cultural in stages ranging upwards from chaos to the authority of the mother and then to the authority of the father claiming that the authority of the father, the highest stages, began when reached rights to the father is in fact responsible for a miracle creation, that such a theory in nature evolutionary community, along with the discovery important male reproductive nothing more than a hypothesis, and there is no consensus among researchers about the time of this great event in history or whether this actually happened, and it is true that the dolls stone represent descriptions feminine Kalrdwin and breasts amounts in its portrayal is more representation from old stone common, but it may also suggest that the old man was an artist enjoys photography or checking in the opposite sex, just as happens when a person present era, phenomenon boy Coquette play poy example, is not necessarily Revelation worship of the female, as it may serve a purpose less glorification, and male when he realized its importance, this imposes it is not his death this realization in the period, claimed the advocates that the male element is more important than the female element.

He pointed out that at the time he was which Islam Bbdahh recognized the participation of men and women in the humanitarian recipe, France was engaged in the care of a conference held in the sixth century AD, to get to know the truth about women, whether it is of a different type of human or of another variety.



 In the book «Women in Islam In Western civilization»: «The urbanization modern retained long year shed man funds wife and won, and preventing them from acting and contracts without his permission, but is to make women Balzajh limited a lot of girls, street France, a mother of civil, ruled that the man does not have to assume all marital property common, but it also has the right of the state Real Estate Women own, not the wife, even during the absence of her husband to sell something of common property, but not to act in its property for non-satisfaction.


Furthermore, it is not for the wife to accept a gift also without his permission, while the right to bequeath the wills of money involved in the home, as well as its movable ... Overall Under the law of France is done now, the wife to obey her husband, and housing with him where he wanted, and Astimanh in every action, even in order to attend court Faravgaha, only to be accused of a felony or offense, it may then meet the call without his permission, then not have to give and sell, buy and take and accept the gift without his consent in writing"



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