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اسقيني كاس من رحيق ذكرى وجودك ... لا تتركيه يجف ،كلما جف الكأس ازداد الحنينُ...و لا يطفي شعلة الفؤاد سوى كأس الحنين...   (بلقسام حمدان العربي الإدريسي) . 

Sex education in Pharaonic art / Qusay Tariq

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Just like the rest of the peoples of the earth lover of life not ashamed Egyptians show their perceptions about sex and how to set it up and maintain the ability to do and enjoy it, it appeared evident in poems, songs and on the walls of tombs and temples even religious texts that have not devoid of reference to it, but it must, however reference to official texts enjoyed much higher than the reservation The popular texts and blogs did not have a fixed roof, but in the end remained in the common humanitarian framework, it has not the last sentence philosophically.

Sex without holding
   Of the things that seemed puzzling to me and I take the subject of sex in ancient Egypt is an asylum Egyptians to contraception with the population was low compared to the area of ​​fertile land and the amount of work required annually, and demonstrates that the manifestations of prosperity it enjoyed Egypt at that time, that society ladies adopts child and you kill Almayd with toxic substances, in order not to carry.





Since the sources quoted us recipes contraception did not remember the reasons for use Vlaepqy me only guess why resort to such means. Maybe the recipes for those who suffer illness and pregnancy poses a threat, or may have been prescriptions for the upper layers of the society to preserve the beauty of the body, or perhaps these recipes for women who provide their bodies for visitors Holy Aalmabid, or maids temple. With all these possibilities but the papyri assures us married women are users of these recipes, for example, in Papyrus Ypres No. 783, we read the following paragraph: "the beginning of treatment, which will be performed by one of the wife to stop childbearing for two years or three years: grinding Balah and Handal and camphor in a vase of pottery and then knead (mixture) with honey and wicks of flax, to be placed inside the woman's vagina. and Papyrus Berlin No. 192 know the recipe does not believe in its success: It must evaporation uterus beans barley. and do not even reach the semen has cooked a few of oil and a pinch of celery and a few beers to drink sweetened am



Click the image to the page independent Egyptians did not know the circumcision of girls, but for boys was regarded as the number of boy to engage in an act of masculinity. We have reached the cemetery doctor Ankh Mahor at Saqqara, from the era of the Sixth Dynasty, the end of the Old Kingdom wall sculpture represents the circumcision of one of the boys

It was called the man who did not enter the experience of masculinity after the word: Amuamm, and the eldest daughter utter Amat, the man in the experiment is: Nmnumei, The Womanizer is: Nico

The homosexual is referred to by the term: Schta




Sex and fertility gods


Nqrtin to view images in signatures Auxerre: In addition to being a god of the underworld and Mr. West and Mr. immortality, is a symbol of fertility and shows it to us first what appears in two levels in the myth Aloozyreh, the first level when collected Isis shreds her husband Auxerre did not include genital because fish was may charge, his Fjnt member upstanding alternative Dhadjath and she conceived him, and came into existence Horus the legendary heir to the throne of Egypt, so imagine the graphics in the form of a mummy the upstanding member masculinity. The second level that one of the reasons the bloody conflict between Auxerre Lord goodness and thrive, vegetables and fertility West Lord desert and arid and atmosphere volatile that the latter had entered on his wife Nephthys found on butterfly package of alfalfa, which refers Masjuloggio to fertility knew that his wife had Xt Auxerre and later we know they gave birth " Anubis "and got rid of him for fear of six but Isis you're looking for and find a breeding who Sikvn his father Auxerre later became the protector of cemeteries

At the level of ritual has accustomed Egyptians working statues on a mummy Auxerre mixture of clay and wheat and perhaps other grains, and in the spring explode this mixture vegetables and celebrates spring where out of places open and were offering sacrifices for Auxerre and the god Min Lord fertility, especially lettuce Municipal, where the Egyptians were believed the ability of the plant to increase the motivation of sexual and increase fertility, and still maintain a part of this ritual in the festivals of Easter is always Wheatley Easter holiday, which was originally before the advent of Christianity festival of the resurrection of Auxerre in the spring and absorbed Christianity while absorbed rite of several.

Maine: meaning of the name is unknown, is portrayed standing in the Oozyreh erect penis and sometimes holding it with his left hand, and sometimes portrays he lifted his right hand, is the god of fertility and virility nationality, when I entered some gods Syrian Egypt, including housewife sex and fertility "Qadsho" has pairing between them . This goddess perception always naked, and sometimes standing on the back of a lion or a horse. And carrying flower in her hand and the other alive.

Nqrtin to view images in signatures Hathor (Hathor): is one of the oldest goddesses in Egypt, appeared in several pictures of them in the form of Knott sky goddess, a mother and wife Horus even its name, which consists of two syllables refers to the "erosion" of any house, and "Hor "Any Horus any she House Horus any sky, is also mythology daughter of the sun god" Ra ", filmed mostly in the form of a cow pet but filmed also in the form of humanity, is the goddess of women, and that sponsor for Nationality and develop, is short code feminist in creation , of their names: Rob feminist sexual organ (Vaagina), and call for the Blessed during sex, pregnancy and childbirth




Gender in Egyptian mythology
From a Papyrus Custer home that he bought from a people of the west bank at Thebes in 1928, and one of them without the story of the conflict between Auxerre and six and continued at the hands of Isis and Horus avenges of the killer of his father and regain the throne of the country, and trying to Isis deception that dragged Horus to recognize the right of Horus in the throne Egypt, that changed its image Female playful and that he saw six even took out a member and began to masturbate. After several meetings between Horus and Seth with Heliopolis Tasus, ushered in an era of peace between them

Nqrtin to view images in signatures here say six Horus: Come with me and spend a happy day in my house, and when night came Nama, and in the dark Des Horus penis between buttocks Horus, but at the right moment can Horus extended his hand between his thighs, receives semen in his hand. Horus goes complaining his mother Isis whereupon. Amputate the hands of Horus and throw it in the river, and made him hand replacement, then put total oil on the member masculinity Horus and Tdhenh even stands and take semen and Otdah on lettuce who eat it six, and in this way entered sperm Horus in the middle of six that will come out, later, of his head on the disk of the sun

In the story of the two brothers, there is a scene incomprehensible at all, Vafatty "" Bata "escape from his brother after that claimed his brother's wife that he had tried to assault her, but in the way of his escape pinned his heart at the top of a flower in the cedar tree, and then granting gods fellow beautiful, I love it very, One day he said: 'Do not go out so as not to Ikhtafk sea, because I like you without member masculinity and could not Necdetk, the heart at the top of a flower in one of the trees rice "so far is the concept of the relationship between a member of masculinity and heart, and how tried to attack on the wife of his brother, a no member masculinity?

Adapted from the Book of the Dead, Chapter XVII:
I know that the great god
- Who is he?
Is Auxerre, and in the words of another: Ra is his name, the Holy of Ra is named
Is Lra genital who Oddja with the same

Nqrtin to view images in signatures has used the word Nak to express the meaning, the expression Oddja with the same is an expression of masturbation done by Ra to start the process of creation, here is uniformity among Khbro a gods embodying sun nascent every morning and between Ra: united with hands and embraced self-love and shot seminal Bsaúla in the mouth and spit me sons Shu and Tefnut. There is also another text indicates that the Egyptians came from the tears of Horus, the Negro has masturbated Horus for their presence, perhaps the link between Gajtn line lies in the fact that the idea of ​​creation masturbation is the idea of ​​African origin

Also came in Chapter No. 125, a separate recognition negative and it denies the deceased's resurrection disobedience, and these sins of course sex illegal, here used text the word "Nak" which we have referred, is interesting that in the papyri started to women maintained the same the same expression, and here lies the Q: Does this expression "Nak" was used for both sexes, or are the limitations of the religious text?


Ethics of sex in the Pharaonic era In the text of a beautiful come from the era of the modern state, the writer called "Annie" when his son advised "Khonsu Hotep" many general tips came from the relationship with the female follows:

Watch out for exotic women that are not known to the people of her hometown, not Tghazlha nor Tdhadjaha, it as the sea deep men do not know tracks. The woman away from her husband, which says to you every day, "I am beautiful" when they are far from the eyes of the people Ostagiik Bet in Habaúlha, watch out, this is a sin

It tips Ptah Hotep penned by his son in the reign of King Assisi, we find advise him how to deal with the wife

Click the image to the page independent married, and make your wife Lady heart, fed her stomach and Xaha, and paint new members, the happiest heart length of life is a fertile field for her husband ... .. And if you want to friendship in the house entered a master or a servant is not approaching his wives

1964 A scientist Egyptian antiquities Ahmed Musa set of relics near the Unas pyramid in the area, Saqqara. In graphics see two men Amscan each other's hands they Itbawsoa. The strangest thing is that he has emerged that the building, which had found the paintings had been built in order to live with some of the die with some. Both men were having the same social status in the pharaoh Niuserre Palace return for the fifth family, remember they were the heads of writings weaving workshops. At the entrance to one of the doors, we find that their names engraved on it. When translating names appear clear that they had changed their names of origin in order to reflect their relationship that boast them, because that means first name is: unity for life, while the name of the second: the blessed days until death, with some becoming their meaning "united in life and death" . One of the paintings suggest that one of them was married and has children, and removed the image of the wife, to become men's main characters.

When the ancient Egyptian women were attractive women are most fertile women were considered lucky on their ability to have children. The women were in ancient Egypt are considered Kduten are gods "Isis" or "Horus" so be struggling even have access to intelligence, wisdom and spirituality and motherhood as their example, "Isis" which was Garintha "Nephthys" sterile, while Isis was an example of fertility. In the Egyptian society men had to prove manhood through the ability to care for children while successful woman is one who can bear their young and the duo remain on the nest safe from any storms until the rise of the community. There were perennial wisdom head of the family "does not prefer one of the children on the other .. you do not know who is the one who will love you"

Jades in Ancient Egypt

Jades put themselves through the clothes make-up Tertdihn. Some prostitutes were dressed blue bobble in the form of fishing nets and wearing the contract in some of their breasts and still preserved in the Museum of Wayne Green in Dublin. The Ghanaian Ttalan Chwehen red and wear a tattoo on their breasts or thighs or Be walk around topless.



Third Sex in Ancient Egypt

 Found some Hqvat pottery near the ancient Thebes (now Luxor) from the era of the Middle Kingdom (2000-1800 BC). Containing a list of three types of sex are male and lady boys and females in the same order. Containing the word "male", which pronounced "Tay" the image of the rod anniversary and down it means semen and a picture of a man sitting, also contains the word function on "neutered" which pronounced "Scht" the image of a man sitting with the disappearance of a picture penis anniversary, while containing the word function on "Female," which pronounced "protected" in the image of a woman sitting but it does not contain any physical parts.

"Taiwo Nebo" sense (all men)

"Himmat grew" in the sense of (all women)

"Scht" in the sense (eunuchs)

You mentioned the amputation of sexual number of ancient texts, which leaves no room for doubt that the eunuchs in ancient Egypt undergoing a famous three operations which either amputation only penis anniversary, or amputation of the testicles, or testes kidney.

Sexual plants in ancient Egyptian

The ancient Egyptians used to eat both types of plants tonic and Aphrodisiac, believing that it gives him the best race. He was among those plants blue lotus plant, and plant Podophyllum a type of eggplant, poppy and type of lettuce, which has to do with semen in Egyptian mythology.

It is known that hashish (cannabis) was used during celebrations flooding of the Nile in the twelfth century, and there were thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, it has been found in the mummy of Ramses II (1275 - 1229) BC.. They also found in the tomb of Akhenaten (1352 - 1336) s..

Everything was thought of ancient Egyptian it increases fertility nationality was put him in the ritual funeral where it was thought that it reinforced in Birth heavenly new so we find that the penis anniversary in mummies were found in an upright position permanently and this explains the presence of some plants with the deceased, such as hashish ( cannabis plant) and some other plants sexually irritants such as the blue lotus.


Lettuce god of sex when the ancient Egyptians


Archaeologists wanted a decade ago to clarify the relationship between ancient Egyptian inscriptions, a few stand out, and sexual arousal. These inscriptions was always a god of fertility (Maine) are sexually agitated. The male was faithful stand in front of him to receive help Aloajubah for baskets filled with lettuce, which was believed to be vegetables suitable for sleeping Pacific has nothing to do with pay sexual activity to a greater extent. However, the newly discovered hieroglyphs confirms that the ancient Egyptians were aware that the lettuce was a Viagra, and they were sexually exploit its influence whenever they want to lure the god (Maine), by providing baskets the lettuce as gifts, for request His help Aloajuba.

After several centuries, lettuce arrived to the table our food also played the role of housing and appropriate treatment to relieve insomnia children. Egyptian archeology experts continued their questions about the strange relationship between the abundance of God (Maine) bejeweled and lettuce, but the puzzle has now been resolved because the lettuce detect features precious. The new results suggest that low amounts of lettuce play the role of "dwelling" But the biggest quantities included really effect similar to the current drug Viagra. Solve the mystery thanks to Italian (Giorgio Saoréna), a specialist in botany. Noteworthy that wild lettuce ancient Egyptian vegetables, was cultivated at least since the fourth millennium, BC. Thanks to maintain its cultivation, and the different types of lettuce arrived to our eating habits of civilization.
Marriage when the ancient Egyptians

Drawing the ancient Egyptians and to Nhanoa stones all what they saw around them even sexual positions between men and women and I saw this painting with a history teachers in Australia 7470. AN IMPORTANT LARGE GESSO-PAINTED WOOD STATUE OF AN OFFICIAL. Egyptian, c. 2nd

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