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ماخطرتش على بالك يوم تسأل عنى ... وعنيه مجافيها النوم يا مسهرنى...   (بلقسام حمدان العربي الإدريسي) . 

Sexual relationship in art and literature, history/QUSAY TARIQ

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Sexual relationship in art and literature, history













How do wewriteaboutsexrelationshipwithreligion? From anydoorgetintotheheartofthis complex subjectanddestruction?How to get toadequateconclusionsonthesubjectisbyeatingthemostimportantthingsin life?Buthowdoweexplainthelostpicture of sexbetweenthesacredandtheprofane? Thatisthedilemma.

Let's start in terms oftheexpulsionofAdamandEvefrom Paradiseandhousingland. Do youfellbecauseofsinorforsomeotherreason? Godsaidtoexpel themafterwear, butthecommentatorsdid notlooktothetraditionalexpulsionin describingproofsexualsolicitationsorobscenity, butthatnarrativeexplicitlystatesthatsexualunionbetween Adamand Evegotlater.

Did not specify thefruitthatateEveasuncertainastheapple, butmay be afigorpeachofasexualsymbolism. TheAdam and Everealizedaftereatingtheynakedpreparedfor themselvesapronsoffig leavestocovernakedness. Sointhebeginningwasthesex,andsowassex.








Ascend and descend legend

In Africa there is a myth circulating among the Ghanaian Asante (Ghana), explain the origin of sex and family may not differ from the monotheistic legend. Said that since the time of a man and a woman fell from the sky, and pollen also a man and a woman from the ground, and later sent the supreme god snake pythons and built his house in the river. In the beginning was the men and women living together without sexual contact, and they had no idea about pregnancy and childbirth. One day, he asked them snake whether to have children, and after Ojaboh exile told them it Saalmanm how pregnancy. Them lining up in pairs, and face-to-face, then spray water on their stomachs in conjunction with the recitation of the ritual, and then asked them to return to their homes and Atdajawa. From this example that symbolizes Gudaibiya learn these intercourse first child and gave birth in the universe.






Between the Torah and the African tales we find symbolic apple and the serpent, and rhetoric lies in the common myth that hatched about sex, whether in the Bible or in the stories. Coupled sex myth and legend to religion, religion, sex, so in a world that does not know how it was built. Dropped the apple (or fruit) Adam and Eve and it was said that Eve is being eaten, and became a symbol of the desire in the world as a key was Aldracn symbol of the female, as well as apricot in India, and pomegranate in ancient Greece. Rice considered a feminine symbol, as it was formerly used in ritual purity.






The story of the fall of Adam and Eve from Paradise found that sex and religion are two of the most common concerns among humans.The two are incompatible in most cases, the former fleeting physical, spiritual and II. Both takes a different space. This may be seen by Jeffrey Barendr in his study on sex in the world's religions. Says that despite the availability of countless books on world religions, it seems that almost all these actions lightly elements associated with sex specifically, despite the recognition of the importance of sex in regards to religion.Also, many of the comparative studies that dealt Books Alopana_ak_ih in the process of ritual sexual contact, often removed from the translated texts. There are texts about yoga tend to neglect exercise citizenship that can be used, as well as physiological theories related to sexual behavior, which constitute the basic component of the modalities of Chinese and Indian yoga.





Prostitution ... Sacred

Rapprochement between religion and sex seems more pronounced in India, as mentioned in the epics and classical Indian texts, as it considered that the sexual relations, outside the scope of the conjugal union, in regards to men, of course, is acceptable in describing an integral part of life. There was concubines of stature, Mchrisat to satisfy the needs of the male sensuality, and the girls were at the same position Alhetere Greece, and geisha girls to the Japanese. Be on high culture, and should be paid by the state for their teachers. Among the tasks to be undertaken by the dancing, singing, acting, sewing, coordinating flowers, and other household arts. It is clear that the history of prostitution had been given by ancient religions respected before turning contempt and denial. There was sacred prostitution, where he was held to break tackles Virgin sacred ceremony gives the girl the same for those who give him the power of God fertilization and the sanctity of sex, the girl was not getting complete femininity, but giving them the same for this person, and shall have the right after marriage.



Sacred prostitution, as we know, is that relationship of a different nature separatist platonic love, a met Baltfiel and the physical side in exchange for the suppression of the psychological aspect of any emotional attachment to the other.

Left sacred prostitution knighted one, has changed lifestyle Ptbdl. Studies draws detention virgins in temples as was their job Entertaining by priests and sex with pilgrims on the part of another for a fee, prostitution has evolved Bible became the sacred right of the prostitute to retain a portion of the money of prostitution to be appointed at the time of marriage.



Sumerian was proud virility and endless rut, and his body as one says poets - (Chunky honey) .. Women are the fire passes by and fluctuates on her body lust and pleasure, so he went Sumerian unsung members of the body of his mistress and bend to the divine femininity ..

The epic (Gilgamesh) as (stocks enormous erotic) as included rituals and scenes sexual exciting and received us at the San narrators, where such (Gilgamesh) hero of the epic image of the man dominant in sex, from his marriage by force from virgins City (Warka) before wed to grooms , was conceited beauty of his body and good face and long hair flowing shining on his shoulders: -


                       - It's our shepherd: strong, beautiful and wise

                       Gilgamesh did not leave a virgin for her boyfriend

                       Nor daughter fighter nor hero fiancee




That the female gods that created strong male peer-to Gilgamesh by the powers of female authority and power not only divine gods create Enkidu from the mud pile but sought to tame by a prostitute and sexually tempted by Helms in the text: -


Is this my nakedness his chest

And reveal the nakedness

And let him been given of Mvatenk

Do not be ashamed, sign me thee perfume

See you and approaching you

Avrchi his clothes to sleep in your lap

Do with what they do every man Female

Let wished she could hug and overlying

Was Enkidu standing in front of the body not discovered yet, so I felt shocked and surprised, it came out just from the jungle and left wildlife. Became the female body naked for him, similar to the energy, multi signals and trends and actions, but stocks of information managed by the re-installation time as it deems appropriate at the moment of the discovery of the female body, which trembled and delicious her all the members of his giant body.

Smkha took off her clothes and showed charms

And showed her nakedness

Vosthoz charms

Not ashamed to him included perfume

And brush her clothes Vahtdhanha the

The man did with what they do every Female

Fangaha flooded desire

For six days and seven nights

Returned and sat down under the feet of the prostitute

Emtemana consideration Bmlamhaa the

 (Text we wrote in our reflections poetic epic) obsessed Pinhdaha filled with lust, and her stomach marble impressed which impressed a troubled look to her thighs Alabbin and legs Alambromen those terrain physical mutilation inspired Enkidu love and yearning for the enjoyment of humanity born just to the extent that saw himself Shaved in the geography of femininity fertile. When March Enkidu sex with a prostitute felt like a shake of his body defilements prairie and sand and soil as though his body was carrying a rock hidden passion alone without a partner now becomes interesting at this moment has the absolute right to reap for itself in the forefront of sexual pleasure,   The Ishtar in the era of the Sumerian goddess of love, beauty and fertility, and in the Epic of Gilgamesh and described the poet Babylonian lady bar, but Lady prostitutes, prostitutes, and her decision to send a prostitute or not to men who want to homogeneity, they are allowed to Smkhh to go to Enkidu and have sex with . Ishtar those of a sexual energy was enormous. When Gilgamesh which saw just back from his trip has disclosed his body revolted appetite and passion flared where: -

Washing his long shaggy hair and refine his weapon

And sent strands of hair on his shoulders

And take off his clothing Dirt and overgrow jumpsuits clean

Wore a bobble suit and linked Bznar the

Since that Gilgamesh wearing his crown

Ishtar venerable lifted her eyes and saw the beauty of Gilgamesh Vadth the

Come Gilgamesh Be Arisa

 I enjoy it WITH YOU

Be My husband and I will be your husband .......


  To another text that picture to us the height of the great love the king, who was abducted beautiful body has appeared fraught powered sexual organs and muscles charming.

   That prostitution in the Covenant Sumerian was not a taboo, but it was ritual socially and religiously have not seen him Kmtah fleeting but practice transcends above the pleasures direction of reverence for growth, reproduction and fertility is almost unspoken tradition sponsored by the gods to the extent described the facts of sex. Came in one of the love poems Akkadian He describes sex: -

What happens, for example, if your man spoke with a woman in bed?

If a man kidnapped a woman at the crossroads of the road and raped her?

If a man goes to a prostitute regularly? If there is sexual intercourse on the stairs?     In epic Almhabharta was King Eodastra enjoys not only the number of wives, but he sends his greetings to women Almtanqat. On the other hand, highlights the tensions in the life and teachings of Indian through what is mentioned in the epics also anti-prostitution campaigns normal.It was imposed strict control on Eat, drink, because they cause harm to the Queen.But (maids God) Be concubines of stature, to serve the gods in Hindu temples. These practices amount to eras bygone, while the girls were receiving lessons in the arts of excitement sensuality until they become qualified to serve visitors to the temple for a fee, because their duties were include dancing, singing, and often was seen dancing in the described work is not morally, that contributed to recent reforms to disarm this trait with him.  

     Ancient Indian sex charges
We have worsened the reputation of sacred prostitution in Indian temples, and Pat pilgrims complain sometimes because of temptations girls temple which distract them from worship. The abolition of prostitution in the temples has been decided by the British and the support of the Hindu reformers, and coincided with the ban the burning of widows.

Book months in Indian culture and images sensuality entirety is Kama Sutra, any doctrine of lust or love, quote him a lot of writers and artists. This book emphasizes that women should learn to love arts just as men. And lists the arts which mostly concerned with the domestic measure, including, of course, reading, poetry, mastering arcane symbolic language. As for men Fikr need to be skilled in the kinds of sports and the use of weapons and betting. And concubines can not Barat in these arts, can also married women are increasing attractiveness through familiarity with these methods, even if become separated from their husbands have found a way dependent on them. Means the main part of the Kama Sutra to provide examples about the process of sexual intercourse, distinguishing between the right partner and is not appropriate. And also addresses the kinds of hugging and kissing in various forms, and Alhsr and clawing and biting. And give details of the multiple positions patterns, some of which is characterized by acrobatic skill and requires a lot of training. And reflected the dominance of the male while enjoying the man lying with two women at one time or many women together. And women can take the role of men when tired of such change. However, the oral practice limited to the eunuchs disguised male or female Authority. There are other parts of the Kama Sutra are looking at the subject of courtship, through instilling confidence in girls seeking to nail the heart of man, and at the hands of another girl, as well as the subject of the engagement and marriage patterns.          

   The left Kama Sutra impact in the arts, painting and forms of literature, and lasted nearly a thousand years a standard model morally about sex, it was significant in the literary genres, including poetry worshipful. The Tantra and was told they rediscover the depths of women. According to yoga rituals, women practicing yoga exercises naked, and represent sexual organs, from their perspective, cosmic forces symbolized by Shiva male member. And some Altantrien sought to go beyond the limits of normal sexual rituals that Hindus perform, considering that the taboo was right in regards to others and should be destroyed in order to make exceptional abilities. The general characteristic for Altantry intercourse is the detention of semen, which was believed to have magical power. If what remains trapped in the flesh, there will be no fear of death.

What we find about sex in India different from the Buddhists, as the subject of sex was frightening when these because it has become Nada knife that was sought by the monk in his own way that he chose for himself in self-denial. How many stories told about the suppression of sexual desires, and their temptation to Buddhist monks, and affected communities of China and Japan rituals of Buddhism, and the changes in them, and between this ritual has been influenced by the sex, though marginally, weather worship tea which was introduced in the third century ten it is the same as a highly effective way to train young women on the rules of the fireplace.             Floating World

Used the term floating world in Japan in the late seventeenth century to denote a happy society, but unstable. There are prominent examples about Alokio or fiction world of prostitutes, she appeared in the literature Ihara Saaacako monitoring issues most presence in the world, namely, money and sex. First Frwighth, the man who spent his life in the practice of love, telling the story of the hero was cruising the country, in exercise of love with thousands of women and hundreds of young men. In his most realistic novel, five women lovers loved one, was popularly Saakako poetic and at the same time. Instead of there homes tiles and shower rooms, theaters and public houses. In his novel mirror male love, treated Saakako issue of homosexuality. It was the growing Buddhist monastic life role in the prevalence of homosexuality between teacher and disciple. Was considered the owner of the novel that Buddhist temples is like a favorite haven for the practice of homosexuality.

Included wrote Alokio on the writings of exhilarating, sometimes obscene. However, there seems to be, acts similar to oppose those that involve explicit intention of promoting virtue and punish vice and there was a lot of sex charges in Japan. The fee Ohtamaaro singers, prostitutes and topless Sabhat. These works were conceived girls tea houses naked breasts, or are smoking binge, or immersing themselves in sexual pleasures. There are paintings of tired Mahbat to bed. This was the floating world is like a response to domestic life punctuated by prevention and repression. Only men of the upper classes and they can afford girlfriends and concubines, while middle-class men find Mtnevshm when geisha girls or with prostitutes. Was ingenious geisha girl, a dancer, and more precisely was a dancer and a singer and a professional. The geisha house attendance provides entertainment, but does not give a priori right to sexual intercourse. For this man was consequent to sign a contract becomes a Geisha which his mistress.    

     Gender when Arabs

On the other hand it seems strange sex when Arabs and isolation from the hadiths and interpretations made by the scholars of Islam. Has emerged a huge literary works dealt with all aspects of life. The industry expanded literature when Islam spread to include the Middle East. The form of tiles Harun al-Rashid reservoir of rare funny anecdotes, and stories of love which Nhilt tales One Thousand and One famous night. In spite of which include sexual adventures, and women are often depicted as they enjoy sex as men, they are not in any case a sexual reference, but is a reflection of life and fantasy, free of any restrictions.      

The sexual appearance literature in the Arab and Islamic world due to the beginning of the third century AH. Although the reasons for this kind of variety and different writings, has summed up one of them in the following points: the evolution of the Arab and Islamic civilization and East mixing civilizations, Indian and Persian in particular. Acculturation has led to a broad translation movement included sexual as well as literature. "

Arrival of slaves from various parts of the Islamic empire contributed to the spread of technologies and new exotic sexual practices. And the evolution of taste in relation to the beauty of women, and contributed to the existence of luxurious living layer of extravagance and promiscuity, and in constant search for new in the sexual sphere. This shows that most sexual literature written in response to the desire of princes and kings and Senate. Together, these factors led to the prevalence of sexual discourse, and is well known that extends from bigeye Kamal Pasha, author of "the old back to his youth."      Moroccan writer says Abdul Kabir book Alkhtaibia that "Rawd Ater" is not exactly a pornographic text, as understood by the West at least debauched, any dirty words, not his holiness. He installed subject to the intersection of an intensive three laws, is law Ahamdla, and Gaii law, then thirdly symbolic law. Law Ahamdla opens text and sealed .. And Gaii law is the law of rare and Blink and intrigue, and specific customary speech during a conversation, the flow time Gaii, who decorates his reign, or develops an argument rut and functional manner. Symbolic law, which demonstrates the eloquence of playing with words. And text Alinvzawa property rare (and this is what made him popular) based on easy language that reduced the distance between oral literature and written literature, also know Alinvzawa rely on traditional medicine. Have focused on the sensory side in the subject, casual conditions and doors, inlaid stares social, therapeutic and prescriptions, and religious grounds, a blog in the book.

The book shows ability Alinvzawa in recruitment speech to describe sex, but he concludes the tale sacred sexual wisdom, or that his eloquence is in another meaning. This reminds us of the "Song of Solomon" which appeared in the Bible, which put, despite his assertion worldly affairs, systems macho and tough of relations between the sexes, contains integrates text concert and Grameia, seems more in tune with the environment Hinduism, Kalgosaúd love for "Krishna" or for " Rada, "as compared with the Gita Govinda.    

Gender plays a dominant role in the popular perception of the Commission and Islamic fire, which makes this perception of interest for two reasons: first, the belief that in Paradise room all the pleasures of sex, and the second, what is involved in photo heaven and hell. Addressed the sayings of the Prophet, in turn explain matters related to reward and punishment, explaining how the acquisition may Allah and His pleasure in this world and the Hereafter. According to the resettlement, slave believer marry seventy Hura, along with his wives, but not limited to orgasm on Poplar, but blessed with divine pleasures of love couples. And embarked some serious historical studies to highlight some of the similarities between the Islamic and Christian heritage in the other issue of life. Islam, for its part offers amazing continuation of this life to the afterlife through a holistic vision rich smallest details, so that makes it true doctrine fixed. While some interpreted to be a Christian in the non-sexual paradise, while enjoying a Muslim in contrast absolute pleasure. The reason for this is that the Baath in Christianity is part of the mystery of Christ where the Gospel is the afterlife Gore subject of knowledge or imagination. When the Jews, happiness in the afterlife depends on the times of salvation. The Talmud is limited - the most accurate texts in Jewish belief - a reference to the afterlife without food, drink and reproduction, trade, jealousy, hatred and competition. Only settle believers, to enjoy the Divine presence, there is the promise of what he quite restricted.

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