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abstract art/QUSAY TARIQ

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abstract art     the most important reasons that prompted us to write this paper about abstract art or school abstract or movement abstract or abstract, all these names mean one thing all these names mean one thing in the literature of art from the door terminology, here in this paper will respond all these Titlesin other words one also term procedural, of the main reasons, as I said, and Rhode these names on the theoretical level and applied in practice some of us Fine Sudanese concepts thought it intolerable lot of shortcomings in the realization of this movement from the door to know their references, evolution and Malatha and goals in the cultural, which is based on a frameworksocial specified at a particular time witnessed a lot of changes in cognitive levels monitored.Abstract art art in performance depends on abstract forms from escaping similar Almchksat and visualization in its natural form and realism.     And is characterized by the ability of the artist to draw a shape that imagined either fact or fiction in the form of a completely new may look similar or not similar with the original format of the final draw with distance from the geometric shapes. The pioneers of this abstract art artist / Picasso, but Picasso care deprivation and colors and fonts that characterize his paintings but he did not care about esthetics in his paintings. The artist / Global Raafat Adas is the founder and pioneer of the art of "abstraction decorative" which is based on stripping shapes real or fictional follow style characterized in shapes, colors and lines, with an emphasis on the introduction side decorative and aesthetic in his paintings so that gives shape and substance of aesthetic integrated, and suitable for the paintings to museums and exhibitions The installations and palaces decorated interior and allow for an interior designer, amateur art or acquiring selection of paintings that fit with the internal decorations place   And the beginnings of abstract art, dating her normally year 1912, as stated in the writings of historian abstract art - so knows when his race - what a tireless Seoffor, which starts Introduction history of art abstract words we quote as it came in the English text and We will set out our analysis later in the body of this article is : "Something has it's Beginning when there was Nothing"   And translate it as follows: "everything starts from where there is nothing"     This phrase contained in the author of the writer in question, entitled - translated (abstract art - Fifty years of giving - from Kandinsky to Jackson Pollock) New York - House Nscherdl - the second edition - 1967.   Abstract art is classified within the schools forming in the history of European art and comes in pre-school ranking Surrealism and Impressionism.   Poles founding abstract art:   Kandinsky, who attributed his leadership and Georges Braque, Aablobicasso, Robert Dlouna, Joan Chris, Sonia Dlouna, Michael  , Jacques Fillon, Mondrian, Frank Kyuka, Fernand يجه, Astanton MacDonald Wright, Casmirr Malvić, Francis Picabia.   Those of initiation period 1912 to 1915, who then continued:   Mondrian, Theo Dossberj, Fernndlejeh, Antonio faster Kandinsky, Sonia Dolouna, Joan Chris, Jean compared Robert, grew Chwicrz, Auguste Herren, discharged Charcot Jean Vuthier, Jean Athelan, Ondrolansqui, from the year 1915-1959.   Came after them:   Pierre Solijtz, Alferdmanciar, Gerard Ashenyder, Jean Mall, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Fritz Winter, Jasyrmonz, Leon Polk, Ashimz, Earle Niyomrz, Victor Aasmor, Ben Nicholson, George Mistrman, Artoruyan Fantaye, Antonio Seurat - to the year 1960 AD and beyond .   Material inventory Alqamosah almost equal footing in the meaning in most known languages ​​is always a benefit, meaning minimize or decrease or shortcut and useful meaning in contrast to fertilize, and riches, and growth and increasing.   According to the definition of the word stripped by the Arabic Language Academy in Egypt and under the rule c / t / d / intermediary dictionary, directed by Ibrahim Mustafa, Ahmed Hassan Al-Zayat, Hamed Abdel Qader Mohammed Ali al-Najjar, which was reprinted in   Turkey - Asitambol (no date) came as follows:                      "Isolate recipe or relationship unarmed mentally and account Palace or the consequent" According to the definition, the abstract art movement of the same compound as follows: "abstract recent trend is to portray the idea of ​​the artist or his sense of representation does not depend on a simulation of a particular topic with the use of colors, geometric shapes or musical melodies" This definition, although Hassan diligence it except that it vulnerable Pena when compared characterizing people movement to movement art that adopt on a central direct say the absence of the subject of creative work perfectly, while the definition of complex excludes simulation only, but perhaps the subject was borne formulated especially far from the simulation , here is the face of vulnerability.! Stripping many definitions of terminology are organized different entrances Marafih In philosophy, for example, means: to isolate a specific phenomenon for another set of phenomena and discussed separately, and aware of the rules for the English language, names such as death, kindness, generosity, love ... Etc. stripped of the definite article and this is called stripping. Generally, material inventory in most languages ​​read reports on drought, poverty and destitution and famine, in Arabic: Persians bare: no hair   Bare ground: not transplant And to remove their clothes, and a stripper, stripper than wrong in the eyes of the people, and impartial genius Thubiani same starting hand instead of her clothes,   Have fallen Alnsif not replied catcher * Vtnolth and hand Atguetna"            Perhaps named locust insect known, because it works on stripping the earth of her dress vegetation before time to take off the clothes, as well as who was stripped of his military rank and stores inventory and stripped police and so many popular titles narrows field for confining.   Abstract art grew up in a cultural environment European, in a specific historical context, in a specific time period Antzmtha events information and Rphitha ideas and philosophies and discoveries and industries, wars and theories and science pave the way for colonization and recommend according to the letter alleged the white man (white man's Burden) and later eurocentrism taken from the whole world orbit.! Abstract art grew as noted in the development history of the formation of the European Born in the Greek civilization and actually depart from Italian cities during the Renaissance, and its top through European Balhawwadhar known ending in Paris French European Capital of Culture in the whole of the twentieth century. The emergence of school abstract or abstract art in the development of European cuture justification for that output Mrakmat by specific characters of imaginative them much influence within Mnzawmthm cultural, but assay of culture itself, the one of the weakest episodes produced in the field of composition is precisely what is known as abstract art in perspective and for several reasons, including:   Plastic poor performance and the absence of the idea and the subject and giving priority to the point of self-consecration individuality distancing for self-expression Assembly. After all is  justified in the cultural landscape of the European express cases of cultural refraction that may sometimes accompany any cultural identity in all quarters of the globe. Paid Arts College in Khartoum - Sudan many who have studied them - specifically long-seventies to the space of cultural work and became live shows regularly in hotels and in galleries, cultural centers expatriate follower of these exhibitions notes plentiful first and this is good predictor for the welfare of cultural opposite of what was prevalent, and in Second, you will discover the seer that the painting of pace and one each in opposition despite the different exhibitors, because the painting is trying to bother tracing abstract art and represented as stated according to the evolution of art to Europeans in the methods of simulation and followers without scruples cultural.!        Here there followers many of the doctrine of vindicatory alleged that abstract art is expired modernity in the phenomenon of forming and here lies the crisis suffocating, simply because it is not the last thing is the best thing, but for the sake of accuracy and objectivity, was probably doing some positive benefits like any experience whatever surrounded qualities negative, and we do not deny some Afzal poles this movement on architecture and the environment or what is known as psychological interior design with respect to the use of color.   In this sense we can say that our heritage we Sudanese not all ten of ten in level multi In aspects of material and spiritual, and in this article I'm talking about European culture as part of the heritage of the general human has to be revised, too, must take a critical stance of the total of human knowledge standards subject to the legitimacy of difference but keep a minimum standard for an agreement that respects supplies relative cultures and specificity and originality, is the standard hoped to exchange of cultural goods and ponders the reflection productive if it was necessary to take advantage of them and indigenization in the culture of a different, and this is a necessary but not Bmdaah to diminish cultural has nothing to do door thefts, but it is a give and take and the impact and benefit the people affected.   Project human and one not for the grace of a only positive contribution in the provision of humanitarian towards the production of a humanitarian more expansive, and this is not true of the art alone, but affects all kinds of knowledge and human experience and achievements that clarify the respective manifestations of fresh intercontinental At the same meanings says plastic researcher Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aal:         "Humanitarian mission should be completed are the jaws of Alolhtam the Western aesthetic Balmottagz negative, not only is this escape to deepen the experience of aesthetic thinking in the" image "in its broadest sense photography, or sculpture or clarification, or electronically Qraveka, or as it is in the rest of the other fields of influence growing in the world today. " Which elicit regret that some Nashitna and some elderly image-makers do not strive to know and the dismantling of the Western aesthetic done in cultural Vdaúh let alone escape him, and Jaws is not only knowing the matter to be uncontrollable him as you imagine. The word abstract can not determine the appropriate artists began to use them. We have passed the technical picture at various stages, most recently this art, which finally abandoned the familiar image and built new forms exclusive relationships to Aartkaz her to actually uncommon. In fact, the work of art consisting of something realistic any of the panel and colors or of rock and marble and a theme, and the thing no value to him without technical subject any without adding installation installation art, but this issue in the eyes of التجريديين not conform to reality, since in this case eliminates the role of the artist Creative is the most important in the field of technical work, and realism is in the transfer of the same thing the subject who shall creativity tries artist abstract that localizes thing any integrates subject in configurations thing and started since becoming a color block important when «Cezanne» then the evolution of mixing colors and dust at (Barak ) or stick different materials in the painting as newspapers and chips tapes and glass.       In this sense interesting artists turned to industry technical material handling any normal and her heart to a work of art as (Daly, Barak) in the production of Costume abstract from ordinary materials. Hence became the difference nonexistent between photography and decking, between art and industry technical and became such Alastamalah anything technician do not block him worth creative, and in this sense can be interpreted importance Alrakec Arab-based decoration abstract but that contemporary historians consider Alrakec Arab shroud a strong case for the existence of abstract art modern, abstract art tends to the top of the individual artistic creativity, has become abstract art includes methods to Ahsrlha. Abstract began (Kand Lewinsky) and his style was going on between the random and the reverse engineering (Mdonrian) and (Van Dozburg) who set off from Cubism engineering. The (Paul Klee) have seen in the Arab world is room to detect the metaphysical world expresses emotions net Thus peered (Paul Klee) formulas childish or primitive but not inexhaustible fertile despite thousands of times over in its abundant. The (Malgech) was great urgency in the search for absolute through coordinated colors and shapes so tightly it seemed rational trend dubbed supremacy ((super matisme      


Qusay Tariq, abstract expressionism, 2010, Baghdad, Edition 1, pp. 20-50.

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