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About Pop Art & Andrew Arhola/QUSAY TARIQ

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About Pop Art & Andrew Arhola  



I always insist wonder about the attention span of ordinary people plastic arts, what can get the attention of a housewife or worker or government employee to a work of art, and this entails questioning question last about how closely artists audience public, and perhaps try to answer this question reflect usually the gradual isolation of artists about what matters and technical preoccupation with their cases, regardless of how popular they pray to him of the achievements in the areas of artistic expression.

That was the answer is installment fundamental for the emergence of the so-called (pop art) acronym for the term (popular art) which defined the art of public or folk art, what that ended the First World War, including a contemporary of that period of technological advances and a shift in the patterns of people's lives even appeared with these transformations more spacious areas to contain new directions for fine art, have reflected the public art movement in the first appearance of growing media advertising with the advent of photography as a mediator and made ​​of the case of confusion for Arts.

The advertising industry is the area most relevant art public With the growing role became natural to look for ways more attractive to publicize the products, appeared to express artistically announcement of soft drink or a restaurant or a car or some kind of cigarette, and it was necessary to assure artists and designers ads on attracting Kaloloan factors explicit and use hot black color to determine the shapes and picture elements and pictures of girls also entailed a distinctive shape use of writings and fonts.

Gold artists public to express exciting for all forms of destruction and killing, sports, sex, trying to form a world technically combines all those contradictions that passes them rights in daily life (1), and was their engine core of this trend is to put that world in front of the receiver is even found what its misdeeds and tries to criticize and tends to be repaired, some have gone to a lot of use of parts of photographs to get a full plates begin with what is known the art of collage, which some saw as a neutral attitude towards what happens from cold radical changes.

It attributes the art of public expressive clarity inordinate it and that seemed appropriate for the message of this art and the fields, when expression propaganda or reformulation artwork famous spirit fit the modern era or repeat image and change the colors or criticism direct acute life of modern man has become imperative for artists to express clearly absolute their ideas , not only the role of artist public to monitor the technological environment and mechanism and industrial surroundings and moved to his portrait but made numerous attempts modification and development, those attempts which added a lot to the environment in the framework give swab humanitarian those technological environment cold (2), with the aim beauty of everyday life for humans , responding to the needs of the growing human and satisfaction, and thus exceeded the attempts painting frame to the street and the city, and transportation station and tunnels, aircraft and cars, and perhaps no one thought to be those trends material for fine art in the twentieth century.

Pop Art movement drawing mostly American popular, famous in the sixties of the twentieth century. Uses a lot of Pop Art artists non-technical business graphics and familiar to a large extent derived from daily life basically, to the themes of their drawings. Most graphics produced by these painters with sardonic content or comic.






Did not follow Pop Art painters in one way fee. Some of them fascinated prominent and simple patterns of commercial drawing. For example, Andy Warhol drawing accurate models for fullsize soup bowls. He repeated drawing of blood repeatedly in the same drawing. It uses James Rosenkest Tom and Azlaman art and propaganda the basis for Rsumaathma Declaration with complex designs, dominated by a comic character. And produced many artists Pop Art-like three-dimensional configurations ordinary objects, and take them material for Humor

Born Artist Andrew Arhola and who called himself later Andy Warhol in the August 6, 1928 in a small apartment-like hut Street 73 SoHo neighborhood of the working class, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is one of the months artists United States for the second half of the 20th century.

It is also the youngest son of a family of three members, joined in 1945 at the Carnegie Endowment for Technology, where he studied with Greene and Robert Weber, Samuel Rosenberg and others, and graduated in June 1949 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts design images.

Turn shortly after graduating to New York City, to pursue work in the technical designs commercial, and was making his debut in the magazine (joy) in September 1949, and in 1950 became one of the most successful Fine in the United States, and has won numerous awards for his work, including Arts Club Award and the American Institute of Graphic Arts, where the artist famous for using business-based photography embodiment of many of his works.

Traveled Warhol in 1956 to many countries in different parts of the world, including Asia and Europe, and in late 1950 has devoted his life and energy to work in the field of art, and his first work popularity based on comedy and commercials and after a series of business, drawing his portrait famous ( Campbell's Soup) in 1962, and raised by a sensation in the art world, and began Warhol access this painting to the world of celebrities, also showed Warhol's talents again before the time of his death in several areas such as cinema, publishing and writing, television, music, and was one of the most artists who Hhdhm world prolific and knowledgeable.


Warhol's work in several areas such as cinema

Lived Warhol fond of emoticons Hollywood throughout his life, where to draw the 1962 series of large photos of celebrities Kmarlen Monroe and Elvis Presley, and was done 12 Burtrea of ​​actress Elizabeth Taylor, nicknamed «snapshot Hollywood pampered», said at the time, saying: «begun to implement these works of art since a long period of time when Taylor was sick, and then everyone said she would die. He added: «These paintings are all completed after you add the bright colors on her lips and her eyes then turn to a series of so-called" Death and Disaster "at this time drawing boards photo electric chairs, suicides, car accidents.

And in 1963 entered the Warhol film world, The uncertainty lot of classics film start-ups, and over five years has produced nearly 60 when including: sleep (1963), and Empire (1963), bag (1963-64), and Chelsea and girls (1966).

In exhibition (paintings of flowers) in Paris in 1965, he announced that he was retiring from art to pursue filmmaking, however, he returned to painting again in 1966.

On June 3, 1968, entered by a man, and this has appeared in the Warhol film named Man (1967), and when he entered the Warhol studio shot and wounded in the chest, near-fatal injury.

Remains Andy Warhol only who mocked the possibility of world consumer and release of a repetition and boredom, while re-drafted and refined in templates unconventional, may be well but work to create new readings of the items of obsolete, even though he is mocked in his art of «icons of modern», turned His paintings also icons in the world, and now his art with reference to the future of color, painting and poster.

He died in New York City on February 22, 1987, due to complications following surgery to remove the gallbladder, and in 1988 held the first auction of its took ten days awarded works, Carvings enormous, collected through Foundation for Warhol visual arts more than $ 20 million, and in 1989 announced in Pittsburgh for the opening of the museum work of Warhol.

What does it mean to be a popular one? If someone asked Madonna, one of the most famous singers popularities in our time, for Hart to answer. Alone Warhol answered through its various techniques for this question. Of course Warhol never stopped talking in the newspapers and television and radio stations and international technical meetings and photography enthusiasts ... tapes only after his death. Commons and possible deceptively similar to the way in which the star, daily event makers of artists, politicians and businessmen and murderers Madomin, thieves and rebels in his drawings. Otherwise, the need to draw Marilyn dozens of times in different ways! Street art thing is something else. Event beauty thing is something else. Was in fact does not make icons Although the majority of pictures became icons, and he knows it perfectly. Not wish to well-made, but it does not show any resentment about the fate ended. What artist does not wish to work to fill the gap in the spiritual history. Populist and Warhol were lies in the language imposed on the drawing, a language permanently abandoned the principles of metaphor and allegory. But they were not realistic language at all. Is a mediator visual language who writes his diary inspiration directly from the popular language accepted on consumption as a sort of end papillae. Live our dreams in the markets, embrace in the cinema, re-produced in the songs, rise above them in restaurants, in the revolutionary anthems. Warhol went to target directly. Beauty is not in the drawing, but in the eye that sees. The drawings mirrors what he sees people Mshoren, is to understand the secrets of magic. FTC painter in that language while borrowed through which to compose his epic. An epic exceed the daily thrill of live. Remains Marilyn babe for generations had not seen her films did not recognize her short life worried. Not Marilyn in fact, what we see, but technical and Warhol that went a large part of the picture to the imagination fields, which give birth to multiple images. Per his personal image scenes. No longer Warhol's Marilyn with one, but became the woman who inspires her image many women,

Qusay Tariq art magazine in the world, Oman Press, 2010, edition 1, number 452, pp. 23-29.


Qusay Tariq art magazine in the world, Oman Press, 2010, edition 1, number 452, pp. 23-29.

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